OSX Bicycle Training Software

ONYER is an interactive OSX application that monitors and records your 'turbo trainer' riding sessions.

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No subscription needed.

Monitor and Record "Turbo" Training Sessions

ONYER pairs and reads data from your bike's ANT+TM sensors. It can read speed, cadence or combined speed and cadence sensors as well as heart rate monitors. Choose a turbo training ride of any duration and ONYER will record it while displaying an interactive graph of your sensors' data. For a more detailed overview, read the manual.

Power Training At Its Simplest

Power training is one best and most effective ways to improve your cycling performance. ONYER will calculate, display and log your power output without the need for an expensive power-meter if you are using a supported trainer. See the FAQ for which trainers are currently supported.

Ride History

ONYER keeps a full history of your turbo-training rides and tallies up your rides to date. This lets you monitor your performance over time.

Your Rides, Your Data

ONYER runs on your computer and isn't dependent on any subscription based cloud service to work. It stores all your ride data on your computer in compressed JSON files.

Getting started with ONYER


Put your bike on a trainer.

Attach your bike to your 'turbo' trainer. If you are using one of our supported trainers, we can compute your power.


Pair your sensors.

You can pair a speed sensor, cadence sensor, combined speed + cadence sensor as well as a heart rate monitor.


Spin your wheels.

Start riding, and ONYER will interactively monitor and plot your ride, including 'virtual' power when using supported trainers.